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Custom Trophy & Engraving is a full service awards and custom engraving and design shop based in Missoula, MT, USA. We primarily specialize in laser-produced plaques and plastic and metal signage. Trophies, laser glass etching, and ribbon awards are other areas of expertise. We have been in business for over 20 years, and serve the local community, as well as business, and organizations across the country. Custom Trophy & Engraving is a member of ARA (the Awards and Recognition Association).  Typically, a customer will bring us an idea of what he or she wants. Our staff works with the customer to come up with a custom design (such as a plaque, name tag, trophy, etc.), which might include artwork provided by the customer or produced in-house. We strive to create the most unique, interesting product which fits the customer's needs. The typical customer (such as the leader of a local Boy Scout troop) might need a few dozen awards, and have a fixed budget to work with. We have an excellent reputation for producing quality awards that will look great hanging on a wall for years to come, and don't cost an arm and a leg!!! 

Our location...

We can be found in Missoula, Montana, in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Missoula is a small city, known as the Garden City for its lush appearance in the springtime. The surrounding area is sometimes called the "Five Valleys" because of several river confluences. Missoula is a major regional transportation hub, and is also home to many businesses and employers including the U.S. Forest Service, the University of Montana, and the states best Internet provider, Internet Connect Services. There are many outdoor recreational activities  in and around Missoula (like hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, hunting, etc.) and a lot of interesting cultural events as well (local symphonies and chorales, museums, music festivals, and so on).

Our equipment and staff...

Most of our engraving work is done with high-tech computerized engraving machines, which are basically plotters that uses a laser beam instead of an ink pen. This allows us the flexibility to produce clean, durable designs in wood, plastics, glass, and metals. When a customer provides us with camera-ready artwork (such as a company logo), we clean it up, and add it to our extensive computer database. Some customers will also design their own artwork, and provide it in an electronic format.

In addition to the design and engraving, our staff often spend long hours assembling the product, attaching metal plates to wood plaques, building trophies, putting backings and fasteners on name tags, and applying various polishes and finishes at the end. This allows us to find any mistakes we might have made (well, nearly all of them) and make corrections before the order is shipped out or the customer picks it up. Don't worry... if we make a mistake on our end, we'll fix it for free!

CTE Awards is a full service awards and engraving center. Providing laser engraved acrylic awards, corporate awards,
employee awards, glass awards, recognition awards and retirement awards. Logos, setup and engraving is provided
at no charge.  We do work for many large and small business, schools, universities, non-profits as well as the
United States military and governments local, state and federal.

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