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Click on the Order This/Ask a Question that is next to every item or call us at 406-543-8816. This should bring up your email program and insert the item into the subject. Tell us what you want the item to say and any size or color that is applicable. If you have artwork or a logo add it as an attach it.  We can open most files so send what you have, if we can't open it or have other problems we will let you know!.  Normal .gif  .tif  .jpg or something in a .doc file generally work also.  We will respond to your email generally within the hour and probably ask you when you need the item(s) a shipping address (we need this to save layouts so we can find them again) and a phone number as well as any other questions to clarify some things.

We like to send a layout to you so you know what the items engraving will look likeIf the layout looks good we are ready to go, if not we will alter it until we get it how you want! Then it's on to production and shipping.  Usually we like to get a credit card (over the phone, please don't email credit card numbers it isn't secure) or make other payment arrangements.  After that the items go out the door we use FEDEX and the USPS depending on what we are making.

We keep the layouts and different information on what we have done so if another is needed or you just need an idea of what was done we have it. Any other questions give us a call or email.

CTE Awards is a full service awards and engraving center. Providing laser engraved acrylic awards, corporate awards,
employee awards, glass awards, recognition awards and retirement awards. Logos, setup and engraving is provided
at no charge.  We do work for many large and small business, schools, universities, non-profits as well as the
United States military and governments local, state and federal.

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